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Clinical Equipment

Open Space

Open Space With a ceiling as high as 2 story building, we provide a comfortable, open space for our patients.

Dental Chairs

Dental Chairs We have three regular dental chairs, a preventive treatment chair, and an implant surgery chair.

Implant Surgery Room
Implant Surgery Room The implant surgery room is a comfortable private space that will put your mind at ease, with the latest surgical equipment for safe and effective treatment.
Sunlit Garden

Sunlit Garden All dental chairs face in a southerly direction, and patients will see the beautiful sunlit garden through the south window. It is a very relaxin at ease.


Anesthesia We are very concerned about gdiscomforth during treatment, and we always strive to make our patients feel at ease. For example, we use an automatic anesthesia administrator which decreases the usual stinging sensation during local anesthesia, and we also have nitrogen-oxide general anesthesia in the implant surgery room, that will have a gently calming effect.

Digital Network

Digital Network We carefully manage all patient data with a digital network. You can even view your clinical information on a laptop PC from the dental chair. This will facilitate increased understanding of your condition and confidence in the course of treatment being recommended.

Digital X-ray System

Digital X-ray System We have a digital x-ray system which reduces the amount of radiation to a much lower level than that emitted by a traditional x-ray system. Using this system, we can also offer tomographic x-rays which are not generally available at a local clinic, and which enable a more precise diagnosis, particularly for dental implant treatment.

Ozone Air filter

Ozone Air filter We always take care to maintain a clean environment. Our ozone air filter is highly effective not only for cleaning the air, but also for eliminating odors throughout the clinic.

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